GeoBuz FAQ

Q: What is GeoBuz?

A: GeoBuz is a mobile, Single or Multiplayer geographical educational trivia game in which the player must pinpoint the location of different cities in various countries, earn points, buy cities, compete with other players and dominate the globe!

Q: Is the game FREE?

A: Absolutely! You may play the game as much as you want – free of charge!

If you wish to upgrade the experience, you may purchase upgrades via the shop in-game.

Q: What platforms does GeoBuz support?

A: Android and iOS Devices.

Q: How do I play in GeoBuz?

A: GeoBuz allows the player to choose a Single-Player mode to play alone and get firmly familiar with the maps, or a Multiplayer mode to compete with others on the world arena and put the player’s skills to the test. The player must select the difficulty and the desired country to be asked about. The game is compounded of timed rounds, in each round a city name will appear and the player will have to guess and pinpoint the location before the time runs out. The closer the pinpoint to the exact location, the better the score is. Top 2 positions in the end of the game will be rewarded with coins and diamonds, these are used to purchase upgrades in the shop.

Q: Do I need to create an account to play?

A: No. It’s possible to play in a “Guest” mode, but this will not allow you to use the shop and purchase upgrades or cities.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play?

A: Yes. Although it’s possible to play in Single-Player mode, the game requires active internet connection in order to synchronize with the servers.

Q: Can I play in Single-Player mode?

A: Yes, but this will still require a stable connection to the internet.

Q: Can I play with friends?

A: Absolutely! In the Multiplayer mode the player can create or join a game session – public or private. Share your session code with your friends and challenge them for a geographical trivia quiz!

Q: Are there any Ads in the game?

A: No! We do not encourage ads, GeoBuz is an educational play safe environment.


Q: How do I redeem a coupon?

A: Activating a coupon is done through the “Shop” panel. Scroll down to the last option and enter the unique code.

Q: Do I have to purchase with real currency to advance in the game?

A: No! You can earn coins and diamonds by playing and purchase most of the items in the shop, the more you play the more you earn!

Q: Will you release an update with new features in the future?

A: Sure! we are constantly getting better and strive to enhance our users experience in order to provide the best practices to the worldwide audience.

Q: How can I report issues and bugs?

A: It’s possible to report any kind of issue or misleading information via the “Support” button in the Settings panel. We appreciate your help and put our efforts to address the problem!

Q: Is my personal data safe?

A: Yes, we do not make use of personal data. The only data that is stored on the servers is the device’s unique ID and game progress for identification only. Furthermore, the user can request to delete this data from the servers – this action will result with nullifying the game’s progress.

Q: Why some countries contain disputed territories?

A: We are referencing a universal border map, as presented for example in google maps or UN. But you can always claim them for yourself in the game!